Metal / Hard Rock

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Galien, Michigan, USA"

Joe Lawson > Vocalist, Lyricist
Steph Klish > Guitars, Vocals, Composer, Producer
Justin Morey > Drums
Shawn Ricketts > Bass
John Shadowinds > Guitars

S.D. is formed from members of numerous Metal Bands From Phoenix Az to New York. Out of the ashes Comes a power metal band with a New Metal and Old School Metal Sound. With years of experience Performing at venues around the States ,Structural Damage have now put all efforts into Creating the kind of Metal that all metal heads will devourer. SD has been in the studio the last year working on the CD Out For Blood with total passion to create something that will give the metal music love that extra ecstasy for the bands music. All songs on the myspace players are unmastered Demo Versions of a few tracks for the Out For Blood CD . The new versions of these songs will have new Drum and Bass parts and will not sound the same Work on the new parts are in progress and will be on the player very soon. Structural Damage are devoted to the friends ,fans and followers to give you the best Metal Music .Keep your eyes and ears on this site to hear new SD Metal Music.

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