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Queensland Australia



I'm Kitana, a little Aussie Chick who LIVES for music and writing songs. FIERCELY INDEPENDENT I've Released a couple of Albums, won a couple of awards, played a few gigs :-)

I'm proud to have had 4 'Number 1' songs chart on Independent 'Top 40' Radio Charts across the globe, with one of my favourite Highlights, receiving the 2007 Fame Games 'EFFIGY' Independent Music Award for 'Best Pop Artist', feeling very grateful to have been given the opportunity's & accolades I have, over the years. Some of them Include; an Anthem Song for the Australian Socceroo's Published with 'Universal Music' Australia for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, appearing on an 8 Week Songwriting Documentary for SBS TV Australia, Songwriting & Music Awards, National Music Airplay on both Commercial Radio and TV, Movie Soundtrack Credits & appearing Live around my beautiful Country. In 2008 I was approached to host my very own Streaming Radio Podcast, Supporting Independent Music 'The Music Mansion-Where Independent Music lives! syndicated Monthly through PHIBBLE RADIO USA.

On my music.... 'when I am writing, I feel it bleeding my emotions out in a way I could never just verbally express. A lost childhood of sorts, helps me continue to search for those feelings that keep me & hopefully all of us... forever young!'

If I could be remembered for one thing, I would want anyone out there, that has a love of music or a want to 'try' regardless of the DreamKillers of the world telling you that your 'Not Good Enough' to 'LIVE THE DREAM & GO FOR IT' for I am living proof that you do not need to be on stage by age 2, or selling Platinum Records in order to be fulfilled by music or successful in your efforts! I am merely one of millions doing it! ....Music is for EVERYONE!! DO what it is you LOVE to LOVE what it is you DO!

"It's not Rocket Science.....It's just suppose to make you feel good!"


XO Kitana

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